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Very obviously, the Internet of Things (IoT) is big business. IoT is replacing inefficient manual processes by remote controlled and automated solutions which are less sensitive to errors. Popular application areas are connected cars, predictive maintenance (esp. for machines) or smart meters (for energy consumption).

But IoT is everywhere, and business opportunities are unlimited. In fact, cellular networks or LEO satellites are providing ubiquitous availability of IoT connectivity at reasonable cost. This foundation enables new IoT use cases, fuels innovation and inspires the industry to develop tailored IoT applications. In most cases, a new IoT application will also require a tailored piece of hardware (typically a “sensor”) to be deployed at remote locations. 

Good news is that the design of a smart IoT device has never been easier because many essential hardware building blocks and other ingredients (software, cloud services) are offered as standard products, i.e. there is no need to develop everything from scratch.

Key elements for a successful IoT design project are

  • Wireless networks and related operators and service providers incl. SIM management,
  • Electronic components and subsystems like modems, IoT MCUs, sensors, actuators
  • Cloud services for device management, application layer services like MQTT, data analysis + reporting, etc.
  • IoT demonstrators, network testers and mockups
  • Embedded IoT security incl. public-key infrastructures

Purpose of this website is IoT Technical Marketing – focussing on electronic components and embedded security. It is meant as a resource to provide some meaningful information for IoT fellows, esp. for those of you who are developing an IoT ecosystem and/or planning to design a new IoT device.

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