Image: © stands for independent competitive ASSP overviews, it provides tips for short-listing resp. selection of electronic components for design projects.

Complex electronic design projects can take advantage of standard IC products, if such a product offers suitable implementation of a functional element which is needed for a design project (target application). In this case, use of a standard product will speed up system development and reduce overall cost. is for design engineers or other professionals who are exploring the semiconductor market to identify suitable IC candidates for their business. Typically, products reviewed here are so-called ASSPs (ASSP = application specific standard product).

In fact, this website is looking at certain IC product groups from user perspective with a specific target application requirement in mind, i.e. with the eyes of an application designer. provides independent information from a top-level point of view, product overviews and competitive comparison. Our articles collect and consolidate product data in an effort to support component selection and decision process.

Besides technical aspects our articles also has feasibility for small/medium-size projects in mind – i.e. for distribution customers who rely on decent online resources and services offered by the chip manufacturer.

As of today, we offer competitive overviews for the following ASSP categories: